A web-based intelligent document drafting platform for professionals.

Best-in-Class Templates

Intellidrafts templates enable you to produce sophisticated and current legal documents. Our team of technologists and legal professionals is committed to the continuous improvement of our template library; we promptly make updates to address changes in the law and best practices.

Expert Drafting Guidance

Intellidrafts provides expert legal commentary to guide you through complex drafting decisions.

Reduced Drafting & Proofreading Time

The Intellidrafts document assembly engine works behind the scenes to manage subject-verb agreement, pronoun gender, and other time-consuming drafting details. In addition, Intellidrafts eliminates redundant data entry by saving project-specific data for later use and allowing users to share their data sets with other trusted users.

Secure & Available Anywhere

Intellidrafts is a secure cloud-based platform accessible from a web browser. There is no software to install or maintain and all template updates are available instantly.

Practice Tips & Checklists

In addition to its many intelligent document assembly features, Intellidrafts incorporates contextual guidance into the drafting process and provides access to detailed checklists.