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Intellidrafts powers web-based document drafting platforms for our partners and works with them to develop and maintain the high-quality forms available to their users.

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Oklahoma Bar Intellidrafts

Oklahoma Bar

The Oklahoma Bar Association partnered with Intellidrafts to develop forms and power a drafting platform for its 15,000+ members.

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Benefits of Offering an Intellidrafts Drafting Platform to Your Group


Intellidrafts builds partners a cutting-edge, turnkey, web-based, partner-branded document assembly platform, normally with no upfront development costs to the partner.


Intellidrafts collaborates with partners to design, maintain and update intelligent, automated forms. This collaboration can include conversion of existing forms previously developed by partners and/or the development of new forms.


The Intellidrafts platform includes subscription management functionality and secure e-commerce capabilities. Intellidrafts collects subscription fees from users and remits a revenue share to partners. Intellidrafts and partners work together to design subscription details and to market the service.


Intellidrafts securely hosts and maintains the service and provides all user support.

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